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Charter Member Biographies

Personal Biographies provided by some of our Charter Members!

Mike Humphrey, Sandan

I started studying RyuKyu Kempo with Sensei Minor around 2003 in my late 30s. I've always had an interest in martial arts since I was a kid. I wish I would've started this journey at a younger age, but things have a way of working out. This is definitely a case where 'better late than never' applies. Studying with the members of Ryushukan has been a very rewarding experience for me. It's never easy, and requires a lot of training. However, if you take the lessons learned in the dojo to heart, it can make your life more fulfilling. It certainly has mine. I look forward to studying this art for many more years to come.

Thi Nguyen, Sandan

While searching for a place and style of martial arts to train in, and after a disappointing search for an Aikido dojo that would meet my expectations, a new friend at the time recommended me to sensei Mike Minor's Ryushukan Academy. I started training in Ryukyu Kempo in the fall of 1999 and have stayed with it since. I like the philosophy that a true martial art is for self defense, not a showcase for sport. I also preferred a martial art focus on how to really take down a live opponent, not how many wooden boards or how many bricks I can break. While it is impressive to see someone manage to chop a stack of ten wooden boards or fifteen bricks, those thing are dead objects. Hence, when I found what I was looking for in RyuKyu Kempo through sensei Mike Minor's teaching, I stayed with sensei Minor. I was promoted to Shodan in 2003 in the International Association of Ryute Renmei. In 2009, due to conflict of philosophy, a group of us and Sensei Minor split from International Association of Ryute Renmei and formed our non-profit The Far Eastern Culture Studies. In August of 2010, I am honored that Sensei Minor promoted me to Sandan. Ryukyu Kempo is the martial art that teaches more than just kicks and punches and kata. Beyond the typical self defense, it also teaches a person respect, perseverance, and culture. I will continue my venture in this endeavor.

Tod King, Sandan

I have had a life long fascination with Eastern Religion, Zen Mediation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and all things related to Martial Arts. In 1994 I changed the focus of my career in education and was doing a lot of traveling. The negative effect on my physical fitness gave me the impetus to find a dojo and start working out. I visited numerous schools, none of them felt right.

I found The Academy Ryu Kyu Kempo in Gladstone, Missouri. I met Sensei Mike Minor for the first time. After trying my first class I knew it was right. The training was hard, direct and practical. Sixteen years later, Karate in not merely an important part of my life, but part of who I am.

In 1998 I turned 33 (an age of significance), became a father for the first time and earned the rank of Shodan (First Degree Black Belt). In 2000 I earned my Second Dan.

In 2007, as part of the afterschool program where I teach, I started The Kensington Karate Club. Believing strongly in what Martial Arts can do for kids, I began a program based on Respect, Discipline and Perseverance for students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to study a Martial Art. With Sensei Minor’s guidance, I named our Karate Club, Ken Shin Kan. This translates loosely into Heart of Virtue School. A heart of virtue is something I have always strived for and try to pass on to my students.

Alexander Vieux, Sandan,

After growing up a kung fu movie and Japanese Anime fan, I tricked my parents into paying for my first Karate classes by attending the local community college as dual high school/college credits in 1996.I took the Spring and Summer semesters and when I went away to college, I met with Kyoshi Elam on occasional week-end trips home. I also took additional courses while on Summer breaks.

During college I also took some Sport Karate and Tae Kwon Do classes but I was easily frustrated by the limitations. No Tuite (grappling), No Kyusho (pressure points), and I felt the self-defense techniques were impractical and not linked to the kata study. A knee injury cut my study short.

I returned to my Ryukyu Kempo roots and used stance training to rehab my knee. In 2001, after a year of intense training and driving home every other week to meet with my instructor, I tested for Shodan before Taika Oyata.

After a brief stint of studying Aikido my training lapsed until a mutual friend introduced me to Sensei Minor. Sensei invited me into his dojo and I was welcomed by all. I am now a Nidan and feel very fortunate to be surrounded by true martial artists who earnestly study the authentic Life Protection arts of Ryukyu Kempo Karate

Jason Egli, Nidan

A few years ago, after watching a marathon of zombie apocalypse and vampire movies, I decided I had better gain some skills if I wanted to survive past my 20s. I took the first step by joining Sensei Minor's dojo to learn the highly effective form of martial arts known as RyuKyu Kempo. This is one of the few remaining martial arts that is less focused on show and sport and is more focused on good, practical self-defense techniques. I can honestly say that I now stand a decent chance of living past the first few days of the end of the world, though it doesn't hurt that I have the help of a dozen or so Black Belt friends that are way better at this than I'll ever be.

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